Do you do take on projects other than showers?

Great question! We didn’t start out building only showers. We started out as  tile setters. Bruce and Nate teamed up sometime around 2002 mostly setting tile and occasionally doing structural repair work and finish carpentry.

Eventually we began buying houses to remodel and that was a ton of fun… until the housing crash. We survived (barely!) and went back to our roots setting tile. Around 2010 we found ourselves working almost entirely in bathrooms. It wasn’t intentional, but we became bathroom remodeling experts that specialized in tile centered bathrooms.

Many customers asked us to only replace failed showers or update builder grade fiberglass showers. The rest of the bathroom was fine, it was just the shower they wanted or needed addressed. This became about 25-30% of our work and we loved these jobs. We began to install other types of showers so we could get more jobs like them. It was during this time we found the products we now offer in addition to tile showers: FIBO wall panels and Onyx Collection solid surface showers. We are continually looking at new products and if we find something new we feel offers great value we will try it out!

We also discovered that the workmanship in many bathroom remodels is generally good except for the shower. We’ve met many people who have accepted fiberglass and cultured marble showers they didn’t really want and that don’t always meet their needs because their contractor didn’t want to do anything else or because they’d had a bad (expensive) experience with a failed shower and weren’t willing to take another risk. We realized there was a need in the market for someone who could provide properly built custom showers that you can trust. 

In short, the answer to why only advertise for showers is: we like building showers, we’re really good at it and people need showers that look great while meeting their needs and don’t leak 🙂 If you’d like to build your shower give us a shout!

That said, if our schedule permits we do occasionally tackle whole bathroom remodels and stand alone tile projects (We do a lot of kitchen backslashes). Sometimes a shower remodel will require a new floor and we can take care of that for you as well. If you have a question about a whether or not your project would be a good fit gave us call and ask, we’d love to talk with you!

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