What type of shower material is best?

There are so many choices, how do I know I’m making the right one?

You’ll find lots of different types of shower materials when looking at showers and tub surrounds. Some of those don’t last, some work well but are unattractive, some look great when they’re new, but are a nightmare to maintain. We here at Batharium have chosen three materials that we believe offer great value while covering a range of budgets and needs. Read on and we’ll share our thoughts on these three materials. We believe in all three of these options or we wouldn’t offer them, but we do have a favorite! We’ll start there:

FIBO Waterproof Wall Panels.

FIBO Waterproof Wall Panels

Learn what the Europeans have known for over 25 years: laminated shower and bathroom wall panels can be stylish, they are easy to maintain and can be installed quickly. FIBO panels look so authentic we often refer to them as ‘The No Tile, Tile Shower’, most people won’t realize they’re not tile. They are much easier to clean and maintain than most tile showers too! FIBO is fashion forward; stylish bathrooms and tight budgets don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Here’s a quick test: if you’ve ever been to IKEA and liked their style, you’ll love FIBO. Choices range from farmhouse/shabby chic, traditional, contemporary and minimalist.

Who are FIBO waterproof wall panels for? Nearly everyone. We here at Batharium are big fans of FIBO and we think for most homes, multi-family units, hotels, and even tiny homes, FIBO offers the best value shower on the market.


Tile Shower

Tile is a classic choice! At Batharium we’ve been installing tile since 1997 and specializing in tile bathrooms since 2010. Tile offers an unending array of choices that can be customized to fit literally any space and any style. When done well it will last a lifetime. So why isn’t tile our number one choice?

Bottom line- tile cost more and takes longer. For some people thats not an issue and thats great! For many people, however, cost is a deciding factor and we believe FIBO offers a better value in that regard. If you shop around you WILL find someone who will install a tile shower for you for less money than anything we offer. That shower *might* even look good on the surface. Unfortunately, most of the time you get what you pay for and a poorly constructed tile shower is a liability. Leaks lead to mold, rot and in many cases, structural damage that costs even more to fix the second time around. Tile showers also have a reputation for being difficult to maintain, growing mold and mildew in grout joints. If you have Batharium build you a tile shower you won’t have any of these issues! We take great care to properly install complete waterproofing systems and use easy to maintain epoxy grouts.

Who is tile for? If you want a premium lifetime shower and have the resources and time to invest in doing it right, tile is the choice for you. Tile is also the best choice for specialty applications such as steam showers or wheelchair accessible showers that need to fit in a space that is not a standard size or shape.

Solid Surface

Onyx Collection Shower

Batharium offers solid surface showers from the Onyx Collection. These showers are as durable as all get-out, come with a lifetime guarantee and they have quite a few matching accessories available that can customize your space to meet your needs. Onyx Collection pans offer three different curb heights: a traditional tall curb, a midsize curb, and a low curb that can be wheel chair friendly. It’s super low maintenance, comes in matte and gloss finishes in dozens of colors. Sounds perfect, so why isn’t it our favorite? Well, it is and it isn’t. We think Onyx pans are the perfect compliment to FIBO wall panels! Why not just use Onyx wall panels? We do, but we think FIBO looks better!

Who is Onyx for? If you’re a pragmatist and believe in function over form with no compromises, Onyx is an ideal choice for you. If you want to buy 100% American, Onyx is the only choice for you. If you just like the look of solid surface Onyx is for you. If budget is your main consideration, Onyx is the most economical option we offer in most situations.

There are, of course, many other options to explore. These are the ones we believe in and would (and have!) use in our own homes. If you have questions reach out, we’d love to help!

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